Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Top 5 Internet Cats. Meow!

Another list. This time of the best Internet famous cats that you should all know about!
(It's my blog & i'll post what I want to OK?)
1. Lil Bub!

The amazing, adorable polydactly dwarf kitty who has come from outer space to save us all!

Bub has one extra toe on all her paws, plus two opposable thumbs on each front paw, she also has a rare genetic mutation which means she is a 'perma-kitten' and will forever remain small, as well as being a dwarf with incredibly short legs and a long body. In addition she never grew teeth (don't worry, her appetite is fine) and her lower jaw is smaller than usual, hence the tongue.

She is a happy healthy cat and lives in Indiana, USA with her 'Dude'.

Here's a video of Lil Bub at the park. Her facebook page can be found here.

2. Colonel Meow

One of the grumpiest kitties on the net, Colonel Meow likes scotch, treaties and planning world domaination. He hates Boo and the Vet. He is a Himalayan and lives in the USA with his 'Master' and a golden retriever called Boots, who doubles as his bodyguard/henchman.

He has an adoring army of Minions who send in fan art, honouring his grumpiness in all it's glory.

 Join the Colonel's Army here.

3. Anakin the Two Legged Miracle cat.

Anakin is a beautiful little kitten, born without any back legs or pelvis. He was part of a feral colony living in the woods in Florida, and was rescued by his current owner from near her Dad's place of work. It is not known why he has no pelvis & back legs, but his x-ray is below.

The owner has set up a facebook & Frequently Asked Questions page for Ani, originally for family and friends, but like all things facebook, it has gone worldwide!

Below is a video which shows how Anakin walks, and that he plays like any normal happy, healthy kitty.


4. Oskar the Blind Cat

Oskar the blind Cat lives with his brother and best buddy Klaus. I believe they are moving to Seattle for Christmas, so good luck with that boys!

Oskar has been blind from birth, but his other 4 senses are very well developed.

This is his brother Klaus.
Oskar and Klaus model their own range of designer cat ties and other goodies here.
I love this Rebels with Fuzzy Paws logo!
5. Henri the Existentialist Philosopher
Henri makes me laugh out loud. Another Seattle resident, a selection of his videos art house shorts are here:
Paw de Deux
Le Vet
Henri on Politics:
And I think the BEST EVER YET Henri film, L'Haunting

"No one ever dresses as Crippling Self-Doubt...."

Kitties of the Internet, I Salute You!


As a footnote; the Walker Art Centre in Minnesota recently held an 'Internet Cat Video Film Festival' which included some of the above mentioned moggies.

'Henri 2: Paw de Deux' was awarded the Golden Kitty award by Walkers website viewers.

For more info on the festival see this NY Times article or the Walker Art Centre website.

The Film Fest was so successful it has now started touring to other parts of the States!


  1. I LOVE all these cats & their creative humans! :)


    you forgot about cujo cat and his quest for world domination ... he has one book out already and a second on its way ...
    he also has a blog of his musings ...

    he has quite a following of minions and many many cujo-gangers around the world ;)

    1. I have never heard of Cujo, but i'll look him up!

  3. I love all of these Internet Kitties especially Anakin, Henri, Oskar & Klaus and Colonel Meow! But what happened to Corky, he should be up there too after all he's been through this year....

    1. I follow Corky, Kanga, Bob the Street Cat and a few others, but I chose just 5 to blog about this time. Corky is awesome though!

  4. Honourable Mention to the wonderful Tard the Grumpy Cat :-)

  5. Yes Tard Rocks! Maybe i'll do another post about the other cats.