Saturday, 3 November 2012

Saturday Night Shopping List!

 I'm ill and in bed, so will bore you (and entertain myself) with a virtual shopping list.
1. A Vintage Welsh  Blanket
like this apricot and fuschia number

or this gorgeous unused gold and black one.
2. Grey wool cable knit throw
This one is from Jane Beck Welsh Blankets
 or maybe one of these from a&R cashmere (i'm liking the Paprika colourway).
3. A Chris Bourke lino print
Maybe 'Storm in a Teacup' (also available as a screen print for a very reasonable £20)

4. A Wardrobe
Vintage like this one

or maybe just a simple but modern one like this (anything is better than the current hanging rails!)
5. More Sewing Machines
a nice singer overlocker so I can make Katwise style coats! (with her tutorial purchased off Etsy of course)
this incredibly Kitsch coral sewing machine
 or and a beautiful vintage one.
6. A Microwave
may as well go for this stylish DeLonghi number (mine has a spot of rust)
7. A Roberts Revival Radio
8. Books on J.G. Posada's Artwork

9. Skull Knitting needles from Punk Knits
available from Punk Knits $19 including postage (i'm gonna get me some net time I have ££'s)
10. Brown Leather boots
They have to be calf length and they have to be chocolate brown
Dr Martens Mirage boots *sigh*
I'm size 8 by the way.
11. Leopard Print Vans
 12. A Bycicle
a Pashley Brittannia or Princess would be lovely, but any dutch style town bike will do.
13. This Leopard Print Ring
Gold and Citrine. Price on application from The Great Frog
14. A Set of Ceramic Moomins
so that I can pretend to be Tove Jansson and pose like this.
15. A Tattoo Glass lightbox or window panel.

Yep Tom, I want some of your art.
16. This Felicity Hall clutch bag kit
17. A Cat Radiator Bed
 Doesn't that look like the most content kitty in the world?
PS, Santa I have been good this year..... Honest!

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