Saturday, 13 July 2013

Lazy Saturday Afternoon Dream Shopping List

Yours truly went to the Roundhouse in Camden last night to watch the F'king AMAZING Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra, plus Bitter Ruin, Perhaps Contraption, The Simple Pleasure, Jherek Bischoff, Kate Miller-Heidke,  Desmond O' Connor, and the cast of Strut N' Fret's Cantina: Limbo
It was the first time I'd seen AFP and she was incredible, as was the whole show. It pretty much started at 7.10 with Perhaps Contraption marching around the venue whilst playing, and the music didn't stop for 4 hours, no long boring waiting around bits, just constant music from 1 support act or special guest to another. You didn't even have time to go to the loo without missing something! The lovely lady herself crowdsurfed literally right over me (I felt like I was supporting her weight solo for about half a second!).

I was already thinking that this was probably the best gig I'd ever been to; and then she did THIS:

Kate Miller-Heidke's 'Are you F'ing Kidding me?' was an absolute highlight too!

Anyway, I am knackered, tired, exhausted, my legs hurt and my ears are still a bit weird, so what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than browsing the interweb for beautiful things I can't afford. Did I mention I was tired?

£35 + £4.50.

Pretty much anything from Chris Bourke is on my 'Want' list. His lino prints are amazing but this is a particularly cute new one.

His 'Better Days' or 'Shot Through' prints would suit me just fine too!

€15 + €8 postage

Anything Angelique would do me just fine! One day I will have one of her beautiful tattoos on my skin, but until then I will have to be content with looking at her books & prints.

3) Tula Pink 'Parisville' Tapestry cushion kit.
£36 + postage
Tula Pink is a textile Goddess! Her quilts, fabrics and ribbons are beyond beautiful, and now she has moved into one of my favourite mediums, needlework, with this Tapestry Cushion kit from Anchor. Black Sheep Wools seem to have it at the best price here.

4) Amazing Vintage Gothic Dolls House on Ebay


This is an ebay listing in Northampton with pick up only as the delivery option. It is currently at £0.01 but has a reserve so has got to be at least £50, although I can see it going for a lot more when it ends on 17th july. Whoever gets their hands on this will be very lucky indeed.

It is described as:
Cutest Doll's House on Ebay
Unique, Handmade
Wooden Doll's house, all handmade. Tiny little individual wooden tiles on the roof and balcony and porch.
Appears to be made in the style of New England 
All it needs is a little girl or a passionate collector to make it come back to life again.
Quite large - from turret to floor 111cm
Width 55cm, Depth 47cm

I want it!
5) A Dutch Style bike

I am a pedestrian and live in the town centre, with difficult parking, so a my vehicle of choice would be a bike. Not just any bicycle though, it would have to be this beautiful 19" Ladies Dutch Style town bike in Lavender.


I also saw it in a lovely olive colour but can't find that one right now.
6) The Graphic Canon Vol 3

Instalment 3 of a project turning classic literature into graphic novel formats, with 560 pages containing 84 different artists takes on the works of some of the last century's most celebrated writers, including Virginia Woolf, Kerouac and Hemingway. It looks fascinating!

Can be purchased here for £20.99.

7) Game of Thrones DVD box set

I don't own this. Needs no explanation.

The Season 1 & 2 box set is £34.20 on Amazon.

8) Handmade Frida Kahlo Heart Drop earrings

Frida. Turquoise. Crystal. Chandelier style. Hearts.
Handmade by PersephonePlus on etsy, £28.55 + £4.76
9) Art Viva Handmade knitting needles

Knitting needles will last a lifetime, long after moths have munched your beautiful noro yarn lace cardi to shreds, your grandchildren will find these beautiful environmentally friendly, handmade and painted Australian needles in a dusty box in the corner of the attic.

Why knit with grey plastic when these do the same job, and just looking at their beautiful polka dot tops will make you happy!
In sizes 3.75mm to 10mm, £6-10 + £3.50 from Baa Ram Ewe of Leeds.

10) Dr Martens Triumph Boots
Droolworthy. Beautiful. Will last a lifetime.

Two of my friends have them and I get sick with envy every time I see them.

£150 + postage on the DM's website. I'm size 8 by the way.
And because you have been good and read this far, you get rewarded with Amanda Palmers Amazing 'Map of Tasmania'. YAY!!!!!!

Watch it! If you haven't done so already, you definitely should.

Oh, Did I not mention that my birthday is in 18 days time?

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