Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blog of The Dead - Sophie artwork

I'm so glad that I can finally reveal a project I've been working on for months:
The Artwork for Lisa Richardson's upcoming Debut Novel:

'Blog of The Dead - Sophie'

The book is based around the story of the Zombie Apocalypse hitting Folkestone, and features many well known local places and names, including Googies Art Cafe and it's proprietor Keith, Kay McLoughlin, Stewart, Liam and a number of fictional characters including the narrator Sophie, who reports on the horrific scenes via her student blog.

But I won't tell you more than that as it will give the plot away if you haven't read it yet.

The original blog diary can be found here
The original sketch based on Lisa's brief.
 Primed and marked up blank dolls.
 Waiting to be varnished on the studio shelf
 The finished Kindle book cover, Russian Dolls & cover design by me. Photography by Ian D Johnstone.
 Photography by Ian D Johnstone.
 Photography by Ian D Johnstone.
Photography by Ian D Johnstone.
Photography by Ian D Johnstone.
 Kay and her axe ready for action.
 2p piece to show the scale - but I even got those darned croc flip flops in!!

Close up of the Narrator Sophie's face.
 Side view of Sophie.

 Liam gets turned into a zombie after an unfortunate incident in Debenhams. You can tell he's loving it. Bastard!

 Blood splattered biker jacket.

 Ripped off arm & hole in the head. To be honest he looks like this most Friday nights.

 Tracy was a generic zombie I invented for the purpose of being able to really go to town with the gore! I'm quite fond of Tracy, I imagine her as the kind of girl who looked after her appearance and dreamed of her wedding day and nice little new house in Broadmead Village, and really just wanted her Mum to be proud of her. And now she's got to be a bloomin' zombie with gore all over her and Liam for company! Poor Tracy.

 'Works in a shirt with her name tag on it.......' (after Mark Ronson). Some of the tiny details like this were more for my amusement and the challenge of working on such a tiny scale.
 Side view of ribs & arm socket.

 Stewart, aka Tess Jones, looking determined.

 Tess always has his guitar handy.

I will post a link to the actual book once it is published.
PS: You might get the impression from some of the comments above that I don't like Liam very much! In fact, I love him to bits but just like giving him stick ;)


Post UPDATE - 16/05/13

The book is launched and downloadable from Amazon UK for the amazingly bargainous price of £2.02. Just click here for the link.

If you don't have a Kindle, you can download free kindle reader software from the website, just click the 'available on your PC' link below the 'Buy it now' button.

In honour of the book launch, one of the frequently featured locations Googies Art Cafe have launched a limited edition Zombie Burger!

Apparently it DOESN'T contain Rotting Human Flesh or Braaaaiiiiiiinnnnnsssssssssss!


Post Update 13/06/13

The dolls and cover artwork were featured in an article in the Folkestone Herald

We had great fun at the photoshoot, and it gives you an idea of what the real life characters look like!


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