Monday, 17 September 2012

Places I'd like to see before I die : Part 2 - The Colorado Plateau

A facebook comment by a friend yesterday reminded me how much I would like to see the Colorado Plateau, which spans Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.
Paria Canyon

The photos above are by the amazing wildlife & landscape photographer Jack Dykinga, and I first saw his work in an amazing book called 'Stone Canyons of the Colorado Plateau'.
It was the paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe that made me look for these images. She had a home with a studio in New Mexico, and I wanted to see where she was getting these abstract looking swirls of sandy red colour from. I was amazed to find that they were real landscapes, interpreted through her eyes.
On The River, 1965

My Backyard, 1937
Gerald's Tree, 1937
Road past The View, 1964
Pelvis, 1945.
I think I've blogged enough today. I'll go away now!


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